Jaguar Adoption Kit

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How Funding Will Help
Funds raised through jaguar adoptions will support the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC) and Osa Conservation in 2024, as they work to protect Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and its incredible biodiversity. The Osa Peninsula contains the largest mesic rainforest and the largest expanse of mangrove wetlands remaining on the Pacific slope of Central America. The Osa is estimated to house 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity while covering less than 0.001% of its total surface area, and has been described by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on earth”.

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More About the Project

Threats to biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula include illegal hunting and forest
fragmentation. Osa Conservation is leading a conservation effort that mobilizes
citizen scientists, community members, ecotourism operators, park administrators,
and multiple NGOs to monitor camera traps for poaching and to restore forest
corridors in order to re-establish connectivity from the Osa lowland rainforests
to the Talamanca Mountains

About Jaguars

Jaguars are the third largest member of the “big cats”, a group that also includes tigers and lions. They’re found in dense forests in the Americas, from the Southwestern United States all the way down to Argentina. They might be at the top of the food chain, but they’re no match for threats like habitat loss and illegal hunting. That’s where you come in!

Weight: 120-250 lbs
Habitat: Dense forest and wetlands
Diet: Carnivore

Customer Reviews

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Glad to support

We are happy to support wildlife, my child has learned a lot and really enjoys her Stuffy.

Amelia Coombes

Overall great quality, the paperwork looks bigger than it was. The only reason it wasn't a 5 out of 5 is the lack of full package for the 45$ and unexpected and unanswered customer service follow up
.required 3+ emails before I got any response

Emily Mountz
It was too expensive!

My kids did a lemonade stand they raised 30$ we went on the website and figured out we were 15$ short.My kids were really disappointed because they love Jaguars.

Patricia Hayman
What a hit!

My child was over the moon to recieve this surprise gift for her birthday. It was great to be able to choose which animal. Thank you

Great gift

Super cute and cuddly stuffie my son adores him. It also came with the amulet for earth day and he won’t stop wearing it. We had to adopt 2 more for gifts for his friends.

Coral Williams
Wrong paperwork

Got the jaguar and it's soft and cute. The only problem is it came with the wrong paperwork. Have tried to contact Earth Rangers customer service but no response. Just would like replacement paperwork.

Thank you for the review! I know our team reached out to you, and sent the correct items. We really appreciate the feedback, and we're glad our team could help!


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