Caribou Adoption Kit

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Purchase an adoption kit to help protect the caribou’s habitat! Each kit sold will support researcher Yifeng Wang as she examines peatland permafrost in coastal Labrador, helping to protect these rare ecosystems for years to come. 

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Hi, I’m Yifeng! I study the permafrost peatlands way, way, way up north, in coastal Labrador. This rare ecosystem is super important to many animals, including the caribou. With temperatures warming around the world, these frozen habitats could be in big trouble. Adopting a caribou will help me research how to protect peatlands and the animals that rely on them!

About Caribou

Caribou have large hooves, huge antlers, and thick, brown fur. They belong to the deer family — you might also know them as reindeer! These amazing animals live in the Arctic tundra and boreal forests of Canada, Alaska, and the western United States, as well as in Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Weight: 175–400 lbs
Habitat: Arctic tundra, boreal forest
Diet: Herbivore


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