Bighorn Sheep Adoption Kit

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How Funding Will Help
Bighorn sheep adoptions help to fund the work of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in the Rocky Mountain Trench. This breathtaking valley in the southeast corner of British Columbia is so large it is visible from space, extending north from the Canada/U.S. border to the BC/Yukon border. The area is home to at least 29 nationally endangered species, and supports thousands of migratory waterfowl, threatened amphibians, and populations of wide-ranging mammals, including bighorn sheep.

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More About the Project

began work to restore and protect the Rocky Mountain Trench in the 1990s, due
to growing interest in residential development that was leading to significant
risk to the endangered landscapes in this area. This important work continues
to this day, led by NCC’s Land Stewardship Manager, Julia Poetschke.

About Bighorn sheep

Bighorn sheep are amazing mountain mammals.
They’re named for the male species’ distinctive spiral
horns, which can weigh up to 30 lbs! While bighorn
sheep love to feed on grasses and shrubs in the
grasslands and valleys, they spend much of their time
in the mountains. Did you know that they can balance
on cliff sides as narrow as only 2 inches and can jump
up to 20 feet between mountain ledges?

Weight: up to 315 lbs
Habitat: Mountains, grasslands
Diet: Herbivore

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So cute

The bighorn sheep plushy is super cute we love him


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