River Otter Adoption Kit

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How Funding Will Help
River otter adoptions fund the work of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Ontario’s Frontenac Arch; an ancient granite bridge with rugged, rocky slopes, thick green forests, and beautiful wetland valleys. NCC’s Coordinator of Conservation Biology Megan Quinn is focused on habitat restoration, which includes removal of invasive Phragmites (European Common Reed) in the Frontenac Arch’s Blue Lake area – important habitat for river otters.
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More About the Project

In 2024, Megan and her team are working year-round to restore the site’s natural
areas while learning as much as they can about the ecosystem through species
inventory and monitoring, which will inform ongoing site management plans.

About River Otters

North American river otters have adapted to live in all sorts of aquatic habitats. They’re found in rivers, lakes, and wetlands across Canada and throughout North America, where they live in burrows close to the water. These creatures have streamlined bodies, water-repellent fur, webbed feet, and even third eyelids that help them see underwater.

Weight: 11–30 lbs
Habitat: Water
Diet: Carnivore


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