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How Funding Will Help
Caribou adoptions will support the work of PhD candidate Yifeng Wang, who is conducting the very first dedicated research project for the investigation of peatland permafrost in coastal Labrador. This rare and under-studied ecosystem is home to many interesting and important vegetation and wildlife, such as bakeapples, caribou, and foxes. Unfortunately, in many places across the North peatland permafrost is expected to thaw, and with the thaw comes changes in local hydrology and vegetation that will have negative impacts on wildlife habitat.

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More About the Project

a combination of field investigations via foot, drone and helicopter, remote
sensing, and thermal modelling, Yifeng aims to understand where peatland
permafrost is found, how it has changed, and how it might continue to change in
the future. This work will form the foundation of scientific knowledge related
to peatland permafrost in the coastal Labrador region, which will be crucial in
the development of local and regional strategies for wildlife management.

About Caribou

Caribou have large hooves, huge antlers, and thick, brown fur. They belong to the deer family — you might also know them as reindeer! These amazing animals live in the Arctic tundra and boreal forests of Canada, Alaska, and the western United States, as well as in Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Weight: 175–400 lbs
Habitat: Arctic tundra, boreal forest
Diet: Herbivore

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Emily Mountz
It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A wonderful addition

A new well-loved addition to our home, supporting a great cause. Soft and adorable caribou plush. Daughter is excited to support wildlife conservation efforts as well.


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