Ringed Seal Adoption Kit

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How Funding Will Help
Ringed seal adoptions will fund the work of PhD candidate Katie Florko, who is undertaking some of the very first research investigating the links between changes in the Arctic ecosystem and the movements of predators and prey – in this case: fish, seals, and polar bears in Hudson Bay.

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More About the Project

With the help of 26 tagged ringed seals, 39 collared polar bears, and predictions of fish throughout Hudson Bay, Katie is using mathematical models to understand the complex dynamics between these species, and how the melting sea ice is changing those dynamics. This project will conclude in September 2024, and will provide important information that can be used for prediction mapping for conservation efforts. Learn More

About Ringed seals

Ringed seals have plump bodies, spotted gray fur, and big brown eyes. In their habitat around the Arctic, they’re the smallest seal species. They live near the ice for most of the year, so they have a thick layer of blubber to keep them warm.

Weight: 110–150 lbs
Habitat: Arctic sea ice
Diet: Piscivore (fish and other small sea creatures)

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Very cute.

My son loves the plushie and all the interesting facts that came with it!


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