• Lynx Stuffed Animal - 12”
  • Lynx Stuffed Animal - 12”
  • Lynx Stuffed Animal - 12”

Lynx Stuffed Animal - 12”

Now you can be the proud owner of the very cuddly Hudson Animal Ambassador stuffed animal!

Meet Hudson, an Earth Ranger Animal Ambassador
Species: Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
Favourite food: Chicken and beef, yum!
How he got his name: We asked our community to choose and Hudson received the most votes
Natural behaviours: Hudson is great at jumping and pouncing
Favourite thing to do at the Earth Rangers Centre: Play time with the trainers

Click here to learn more about Hudson!

About Earth Rangers Animal Ambassadors
The Earth Rangers School Assembly Program is a dynamic, fun and interactive presentation for elementary schools. The program uses positive, science-based information to educate children about the importance of protecting biodiversity, while highlighting conservation initiatives across Canada. The most unique aspect of the program is the use of our live Animal Ambassadors, who inspire students and motivate them to want to become actively involved in protecting the environment. 

By purchasing one of our Animal Ambassador stuffed animals, you’re helping to bring this awesome program to more schools and students across Canada.