Earth Rangers Birthdays

Birthdays only come once a year, but they can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Wondering how?

Get Started

It’s simple. When you host an Earth Rangers Birthday, or purchase an Earth Rangers Premium Party Kit, you’re helping protect the animals you love. By asking your family and friends to donate to your party instead of bringing a gift, you’ll help make a big difference to animals everywhere!

How It Works

The Earth Rangers Shop

Step 1

rangers to set up your party

The Earth Rangers Shop

Step 2

Choose custom invitations and
RSVPs to send to party guests

The Earth Rangers Shop

Step 3

Get ready to party!

Guests can RSVP and donate online, and once the party is over, you’ll receive half the funds in the mail from EchoAge and the rest will be donated to Earth Rangers. Plus, when you register, you can use code GIVE10 to get you started with a $10 donation from EchoAge!

Looking to party like a true animal-saving hero?

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