Swift Fox Adoption Kit

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How Funding Will Help
Swift fox adoptions will support the work of Peter Soroye, Key Biodiversity Areas Assessment and Outreach Coordinator at Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, in Saskatchewan. Key Biodiversity Areas (or KBAs) are a globally-recognized designation for the most critical sites for nature on our planet – areas that have global value for conservation due to their outstanding ecological integrity, globally important ecosystems, or significant populations of animals, fungi and plants. It is essential to identify, map, monitor and conserve KBAs in order to safeguard these sites; and this is exactly what Peter and his team are doing in Saskatchewan.

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More About the Project

is currently home to eight KBAs, but there are dozens of additional candidate
sites across the province. Many of these are grasslands; one of the most
endangered ecosystems on Earth, and crucial habitat for swift foxes. Canada’s
grasslands continue to disappear due to human development and climate change,
and Peter aims to help conserve them by ensuring that the most important sites
are designated as KBAs in 2024.

About Swift foxes

The swift fox definitely lives up to its name — it can run up to 37 miles per hour! These amazing animals are one of the smallest of the fox family, and they’re about the size of a housecat. Swift foxes spend a lot of their time in underground dens, where they can hide from predators and raise their young.

Weight: 5-7 lbs
Habitat: Grasslands
Diet: Omnivore

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Shelley Spain



This is our second "adoption" and we are very happy. The stuffies are just the right size and quickly become favourites!


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