Thick-billed Murre Adoption Kit - Plush Bundle

We're celebrating marine animals and giving you a bonus ocean amulet when you purchase a plush adoption kit, now for a limited time only!

Purchase an adoption kit to help Earth Rangers protect the thick-billed murre! Each kit sold will support McGill University researcher Emily Choy as she examines the effects of climate change on murre populations. Click here to learn more about the project!

Your kit includes:

  • A plush toy
  • An adoption certificate
  • A poster

If you purchase this kit from the Adoptions Section within the Earth Rangers App, you will also receive:

  • A virtual badge
  • A virtual animal for your home screen
  • An avatar item
  • A virtual adoption certificate


*Note: you will receive a tax receipt for the eligible amount ($34 CAD per package purchased) via email after you make your purchase. Virtual items are only available for Earth Rangers members when kits are purchased through the Earth Rangers App. Not a member yet? Download our FREE app and get started today!


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